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Amateur Advising

As a licensed attorney, I am able to act as legal advisor and counsel to those amateur players who are eligible for the annual Major League Baseball (“MLB”) First-Year Player Draft. Many prospective and enrolled college student-athletes will face the difficult decision of whether to participate in collegiate baseball or sign a professional baseball contract.

Pursuant to National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) Bylaw, high school players committed to member institutions in the Power 5 conferences (Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC, Pac-12) who are selected in the draft are permitted to hire an an agent or attorney to represent them in contract negotiations with the team by whom they were drafted. However, the player “must pay the going rate for the representation.”

High school players not committed to schools in the Power 5 conferences, as well as current college student-athletes, are prohibited from hiring an agent to represent them. However, pursuant to NCAA Bylaw 12.3.2, they ARE allowed to retain an advisor, as long as the advisor acts in accordance with NCAA guidelines. It is extremely important for the student-athlete, his family, and his advisor to understand the rules set forth by the NCAA regarding what conduct is permissible and what conduct is prohibited.

My objective is to properly prepare my amateur clients for the MLB Draft, and help my client and his family fully understand all of the issues involved, as well as all of the available options.¬† Some important advising elements to consider include addressing “signability” issues, examining my client’s position in the draft, determining a realistic market value, evaluating MLB team signing history, college tuition reimbursement, and conducting a risk vs. reward analysis.

Because I’m particular about my clientele, I select the players with whom I would like to work knowing that I will have the time and ability to provide each of them with the individual attention and best-in-class personal service they deserve from the months leading up the the draft through their entire professional career, and into their post-baseball career.

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