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NPG Sports :: Baseball Representation & Management

Nello P. Gamberdino II, Sports Attorney, is a respected Major League Baseball Players Association Certified Agent who focuses his practice on the representation and management of professional baseball players, as well as professional and collegiate baseball coaches.

“I strongly believe in a “client-for-life” philosophy, and I am dedicated to serving the best interests of my clients. I represent players and coaches who value candid advice, are committed to handling themselves with strong character and professionalism to the best of their ability, and are determined to achieve their goals and dreams.

My goal is to provide best-in-class professional service, while simultaneously tailoring those services to the specific needs and desires of each client.  I no longer walk into a first meeting with a potential client with a pitch deck. I prefer to listen and ask questions so that we can begin to develop a successful and lasting partnership. If you are looking for a big company with hundreds of clients, I am not the agent for you. However, if you desire to work with someone who limits the amount of new clients with whom he works each year, and has the time, desire, and ability to provide you with highly personalized attention, then I might be the right fit with you.

I aim to disrupt the traditional sports agency business model by providing the services and amenities of a big company, but doing so with the more personal touch of a boutique agency. My mission is to help my clients understand the decisions they face, the options available to them, and the commitment needed to achieve their goals and objectives.”

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