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What To Look For When Selecting An Agent

Attorney/Agent vs. Non-Attorney/Agent: Your agent should have a law license.  Attorneys have survived years of legal education, continuing education, testing, and training. They are trained to carefully and thoroughly review documents and to be critical of all contract provisions.  Additionally, attorneys are bound by the “Model Rules of Professional Conduct,” which are a set of rules that prescribe baseline standards of legal ethics and professional responsibility for lawyers. Non-attorneys are not bound by these rules.

Experience: Experience is very important and makes a genuine difference.  With experience comes a greater understanding of the subject matter, which minimizes mistakes and enhances your chances of successfully accomplishing your goals.

Academic Credentials: Academic credentials are important when you are choosing an agent.  A serious agent will have at least an undergraduate degree and, preferably, a law degree.  In addition to the Major League Baseball Players Association’s regulations governing contract advisors, agents who are licensed attorneys are held to legal industry standards of conduct and ethics.

Representation Experience: An agent should have knowledge and experience in contract negotiations, as well as all aspects of athlete representation.  This includes preparing the first-year client for the MLB Draft; vigorously promoting clients to MLB teams (where permitted); protecting a client’s rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement; effective representation related to endorsements, marketing, and public relations; providing financial and banking advice; assistance with tax preparation and filing; post-career counseling; and the customary advice and counseling that goes into a successful player-agent relationship.

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